Friday, May 24, 2013

Cookies and CAKE Too!

For the second year in a row, Two Cookie Minimum celebrates the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo with a fundraiser Cookies and Cake Too!

Tuesday June 4 we welcome a lineup of local comics artists who will share some eye-popping, socially aware, skillfully crafted and top quality visual work with us before they table at CAKE on June 15 and 16

Performers include
 Nate Beaty, Tony Breed, Max Morris (an organizer for CAKE),  

Hosted by Johnny Misfit at the Hungry Brain 2319 W. Belmont at 9pm, 21+.
A $5 donation is asked with all collections going to CAKE!

There will be free cookies and for the occasion we look to have some tasty cake too!

Flyer artwork by Dean Johnson

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chicago Literati Reviews the May Two Cookie

As host of a monthly series, I have this sinking feeling, "Ok, no one is going to come out, I'm wasting everyone's time, who really cares about cookies anyway?" And each month I book some great talent which no mater what make the night worth it. Every First Tuesday, when walking into the Hungry Brain, the series' home since June 2011 (almost 2 years now), I have to pass through long hallway leading from the door to the bar. When walking that ten foot, walled off stretch of tile, I think to myself, "I hope people show up." This past Tuesday, I was pleasantly surprised to see a packed crowd of Fiction Writing alumni, faculty, students and friends.

With my fears assuaged, I took note of the crowd. Among the first faces that stood out, I noticed Dan Shapiro (host of a monthly comedy series at Cole's Bar), literary zinesters Ben Spies and Colin Brennan, and an old classmate and Fiction Writing alum Liz Baudler. The latter asked if I had a few minutes to chat with her for an article on the new lit based blog Chicago Literati. 8 readers, 3 Hamm's and a few cookies later, I sat down with her. The resulting conversation became a review of the night which can be read here.

This was one of the best Two Cookies so far. Thanks to all the readers, Columbia's Fiction Writing Department, to Liz @ CL, and all the friends and supporters who made the night a success.