Thursday, August 20, 2015

August Among Us - Two Cookie Reveiw

This month's reading was another great time, one for the books, all that. We had some amazing visuals thanks to Vickie Segovia, some forward thinking comics by Andy Burkholder, a glimpse into one's process thanks to Andy Glass's reading, and welcomed an old friend Mairead Case as she was visiting Chicago. This is the type of reading that defines the series: friendly, informative, and entertaining. If you've been to a Two Cookie, that should be pretty present. If not, you have one more chance this summer to see us at Comfort Station, Tuesday September 8th. Drop by and let us know that our short stint in Logan Square was a good one.

The photos
August New Cookie Crowd!
L to R: Mairead Case, Vickie Perez-Segovia, Andy Burkholder.

P.S. This was one of the first readings in a long time that Two Cookie regular Alex Nall could not attend (visiting Ireland or something, sheesh). Although we do not have his drawings from the night, alas another 2CM regular Eric Bartholomew picked up his sketch pad and filled in. We hope to get these doodles and drawings into a future 2CM zine. But for now, here's Eric's rendering of comic reader Andy Burkholder.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Two Cookie August is On

Two Cookie Minimum celebrated its 5 year anniversary last month. Beginning the sixth year (weird its been that long!), the next reading is Tuesday August 11 at the Comfort Station 2579 N Milwaukee Ave. at 8pm. Not only will there be variety or readers the way a TCM year should start, but we are glad to welcome an old Chicago friend who now lives in Colorado.
Writer/Poet Mairead Case (visiting from Denver, CO),
Comics Artist Andy Glass,
Artist/Writer Victoria Perez-Segovia, and
Comics Artist Andy Burkholder
Hosted by series curator Johnny Misfit.

The series is sponsored by Chicago Publishers Resource Center, located in West Town at 858 N. Ashland. CHIPRC’s mission promotes the local publishing community. Donations will be accepted at the door benefiting CHIPRC.

And yes, there’ll be free cookies!

Don't forget, Two Cookie ends its summer run at the Comfort Station next month. Join us on Tuesday September, 8th for the last summer reading.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Gift Wrapped, TCM 5 Year Reading Recap

This week TCM celebrated its 5th year of doing what it does best, providing a reading space for the self publishing community and giving out free cookies. The event was super special as the readers were all long-time supporters of the series. Leslie Perrine read at the very first Two Cookie in 2010! Jonas and Ben Spies each respectively have read multiple times each over the years. Their presence was exactly what we needed to celebrate.

If that wasn't enough, we released the second issue of Cookie Crumbs,  a zine showcasing the series in 2014. This wouldn't be possible without the assistance and talent of cartoonist/illustrator Alex Nall. Every month last year, Nall documents each reading with doodles, full page comics and caricatures of the readers. Additional content included flyers, Two Cookie 4 year anniversary messages, and some notes from past readers. (The zine is available at Quimby's to purchase, along with issue 1 documenting 2013).

Still not enough? Well, thanks to Sarah W, we helped ourselves to some homemade vegan chocolate chip cookies. Celebration complete.

This group photo is a bit dark, but it represents the celebration. I appreciate all those who came out, that supported us over the years, and to our venues past and present.

Here's to the start of another year!
- Johnny Misfit

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Two Cookie Hits the 5 Year Mark

Two Cookie Minimum has been going strong for 5 years and to celebrate will hold an anniversary reading on Tuesday, July 14.

Through the years, the series has been home to Chicago’s self-publishing community, supporting the work of comics artists and illustrators, independent publishers, students, authors, poets, visual storytellers, and musicians.

The night's performers Include: Comics artist and illustrator Leslie Perrine, Zine publisher and writer Ben Spies, and Independent author and zine publisher Jonas. Hosted by Johnny Misfit.

To give a bit back to the Two Cookie audience, other having free cookies available at every reading, this anniversary will feature the second issue of the self-published zine Cookie Crumbs. The first issue featured the work of resident Two Cookie artist, Chicago cartoonist Alex Nall, who included sketchbook drawings depicting the readings. The new issue will supplement Nall’s artwork with essays from past performers and readers, commentary from host Johnny Misfit, and various photos and flyers from the past year.

The reading begins at 8pm at the Comfort Station, 2579 N Milwaukee Ave. Donations will be accepted at the door benefiting CHIPRC. Two Cookie continues on the second Tuesday of every month at the Comfort Station through September. And it wouldn’t be a party without free cookies. The event is all ages.

A bit of history:
Two Cookie Minimum held its first reading in 2010 at Lakeview’s Fritz Pastry. It held residency at Roscoe Village staple The Hungry Brain until that establishment closed its doors in the winter of 2014. Its current home is the historic Chicago Park District space The Comfort Station in Logan Square. These five years have seen more than 45 shows featuring over 200 readers, boasting a few out of town guests to boot. Recognized in press outlets Chicago Literati, Gapers Block and Newcity, the series has carved out a niche for itself.

Two Cookie’s ties to the independent literary community are clear from past readings that have supported Chicago Zine Fest, Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, Columbia College’s Fiction Writing department, and numerous literary presses. Their many themed readings showcased all female artists, local comics and illustrators, Chicago’s Polish community, and students from academic programs. The series is now supported by Chicago Publishers Resource Center (CHIPRC), a literary nonprofit, that helps its patrons share their work through the reading series.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Everyone gets thier cookies

“No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family.” - Justice Anthony M. Kennedy

Friday, June 12, 2015

New Cookie June Reading

Two Cookie just keeps getting better at the Comfort Station. The reading this week featured some great stories and performances while being surrounded the the CS monthly artwork which included various rocks and geological specimens regionally from IL.  Thanks to everyone who attended this standing room only crowd. And the saving grace was there was air conditioning, nothing less from a placed called the comfort station.

The first reader was Todd Herskovitz who read at TCM back in the Hungry Brain days. He had a fun piece about nature, man's involvement in it, and how we are essentially all living parts of life on Earth. He was reading from a laptop facing a window, so I got a funny shot of him from outside the station.

Next up was Cathy Hannah who read her comic The Unemployment Line. It mixed forays into job hunts with short breaks for profiles of her favorite fine artists. Cathy took some extra time to clean up her comics for an all ages crowd, replacing all curse words with BLOOP! It read really well and killed. Cathy leads the Chicago Woman's Comic Collective which meets at CHIPRC, check out their next event on June 17.

Next we all welcomed Annabel Lang who walked up with a plastic grocery bag (more on that in a moment). Annabel was part of the Wasted Pages Poetry workshop at CHIRC this spring. One note, all her readings were memorized and performed from rote. She recited a few poems before mentioning she was going to be performing a two woman show Mannabel this month. The next piece she read was a selection from that show. She then reached into that grocery bag and began throwing out ziplock baggies of popcorn. It was all part of the act and one the crowd didn't seem to mind. 

Lastly we had art and prose from Jon Drawdoer. He read a list of things running through his head one weekend night from applying face cream to trying on new socks. The mundane is very
relatable and was a cause for the many laughs echoing around the room. His art was very abstract, depicting what thought patterns or brain activity might look like. It was an engaging mix for sure. 

Until next month, when TCM celebrates its 5th year anniversary, you'll have to wait for more. Sorry the photos are so bad, I'm not adept at using my cell phone camera, and am fine with never being able to. You'll have to come out a reading for better quality.