Friday, December 5, 2014

Two Cookie Celebrates Final Reading at Hungry Brain with an Explosion of Guts and Emotion

Two Cookie Minimum closed out 2014 this past Tuesday with an explosion of sorts for the final reading at Hungry Brain. It was part send off and celebration, an out of control party and a 100% typical Two Cookie reading. There was a diverse lineup of storytellers employing various forms. All readers brought out some great material. There were comics, a biblical parody, pieces inspired by music and even some Mad Libs. I appreciated how two of the series regulars, Alex Nall and Dave Roche, mentioned the series in their readings. This meant a lot confirming that others really do enjoy the series.

As this was the final Two Cookie at the Brain, I closed things out with a bang; literally that was the noise of me falling on stage and causing a scene. What kind of send off would be more appropriate for a man in his thirties who still calls himself Johnny Misfit?  I appreciate all who stuck around until the end and hope all had a good time. Special thanks to those who contributed to the donation basket. My goal was to give one last tip to the bartenders Dan and Merle for all their hard work over these years.

Now I move onto 2015 and have to consider what the future of the reading will look like. Though I doubt to ever repeat my antics' during this reading, that of me spewing my guts and emotions all over the stage, I ain’t going out like that. I want to pick up and carry on for a while longer. Stay tuned for more. Here’s to a great 2015. 

- johnny misfit

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Saying Goodbye the Brain", Chicago Literati interview w/ Johnny Misfit

The good folks over at Chicago Literati thought it relevant enough to interview me about the Hungry Brain closure and what it means for Two Cookie Minimum.

"I feel the eccentricity of the bar, with its oddities and art on the wall, the killer music selection on the jukebox, and the revolving selection of tap beers… it’s the best home for Two Cookie."