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The first Two Cookie Minimum was on July 31st 2010. We've been going strong ever since. There have been 50+ readings and hundreds of readers.Here is a list of all the past readings and lineups (and some of our early flyers, if you scroll to the bottom)

August 29, 2017 (Comfort Station)Jane HaldimanRory Britt,  Randy Ross (Boston, MA), James Kennedy

July 19, 2017 (Hungry Brain) 7 Year Anniversary Reading
Liz Mason,  Scott Roberts,  Logan Kruidenier,  Sean Gandert (from Florida), Eric Bartholomew

June 6, 2017  (CHIPRC) Celia Marquis (Montreal, Canada), Yewon Kwon, Alenka Figa, Rebecca Mir Grady, and Amy Giacalone

August 9, 2016 (Comfort Station)

Jill Howe, Darwyn Jones, Vincent Francone, Kathy O'Neill (w/ musical accompaniment by Mark Piekarz)

July 12, 2016 Two Cookie Minimum Six Year Anniversary  (Comfort Station) 

Johnny Misfit, Alex Nall, Thomas Simmons, and Dave Roche.
The release of Cookie Crumbs zine #3 w/ comics by Alex Nall, Layout by Anna Jo Beck.

June 14, 2016 (Comfort Station) 

Sage Coffey, Mike Freiheit with Isabella Rotman, Rachel Foss, and Sean Mac

May 10, 2016 (Comfort Station)

Anna Jo Beck, Jim Joyce (w/ Rachael Zalutsky), Mike Centeno, and Sheika Lugtu.

April 12, 2016 8pm (Comfort Station) 

 Jeff Zwirek, Megan Kirby, Sung Yim, and Michelle Marcellus.

December 11, 2015 (CHIPRC) Holiday ReadingGina Wynbrandt, Dave Reidy, Celia Perez, Julia Borcherts, and Jim Joyce. Beer provided by Revolution Brewery. Everyone got a wrapped present!

September 8, 2015 (Comfort Station) Summer Ender

Marnie Galloway, Kamilha Jones, Collin Brennan, Erin Nederbo, plus Chris Bower accompanied by a shadow puppet show from Jill Summers and Susie Kirkwood.

August 11, 2015 (Comfort Station)
Mairead Case (visiting from Denver, CO), Andy Glass, Victoria Perez-Segovia, Andy Burkholder.

July 14, 2015, 5 Year Anniversary Reading (at Comfort Station)Leslie Perrine (who read at the first TCM!), Jonas, and Ben Spies.
Release of Cookie Crumbs issue #2 (words Johnny Misfit, art Alex Nall).

June 8, 2015 (at Comfort Station)
Todd Herskovitz, Cathy Hannah, Annabell Lang and Jon Drawdoer.

May 12, 2015, First Reading at Comfort Station!
Gina Marie LoBianco, Laura Grothaus, Andrew Edwards, and Jillian Schumann (Lumps zine).

December 2, 2014, Goodbye to the Brain (last reading at the Hungry Brain)
Dave Roche read some mad libs, Neil Brideau, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Oliver Hunt, and series regular Alex Nall.  Homemade vegan cookies provided by Sarah W (Johnny's sister who has made countless batches of cookies and a few cakes over the years). Plus more homemade cookies provided by the fine folks at Graze literary magazine.

November 4, 2014, Toast the Hosts 
Carly Oishi (of Miss Spoken), Elizabeth Harper (of Elizabeth's Crazy Little Thing), Behnam Riahi (of Reading Under the Influence), and Leah Pickett (of The Marrow).

October 7, 2014 Two Cookie Resurrects Silver Tongue Reading Series
Jill Summers, Dave Snyder, Andi White, Mr. Dan Shapiro, and Ian Jones.
Co-hosted by Two Cookie Minimum’s Johnny Misfit and former Silver Tongue host Mason Johnson.  Johnson will deliver a specially prepared eulogy for Silver Tongue readers.

September 2, 2014 Hidden Treasures
Scott Miles, Anthony Madrid, Dan Pogo, Miden Wood

August 5, 2014
Frankie Beckwith, John Wilmes, Ian McDuffe, Josh Piotowski/ Gas Mask Horse, and Thomas Simmons

July 1, 2014 Four Year Anniversary + 40th Show
Jill Summers/Susie Kirkwood (shadow puppet show), Leslie Perrine, Eric Bartholomew (live Junk Drawer game show), Kieler Roberts, and Kevin Kern

June 3, 2014  Family Vacation (going away party for Allyson Frazier)
Allyson Frazier (music and video), Mason Johnson, Alex Nall, John Porcellino (Beloit, WI), Huey Amaru. Special live artwork drawn by Alex Nall during musical performance by Allyson Frazier.

May 6, 2014 Cookies and CAKE III (3rd annual fundraiser for Chicago Alternative Comics Expo)
Alex Dahm, Danielle Chennette, Isabella Rotman, David Alvarado, and Kevin Budnick

April 8, 2014 Polish Reading
Adam Lizakowski, Kate Sierzputowski, Daniela Olewszeka, Alison Grabowski and Joanne Gazarek Bloom

March 4, 2014 All Zinester Reading (3rd annual Chicago Zine Fest fundraiser)
Dave Roche, Julie Kozlowski, Liz Teiri (Back to Print ), Ed Blair, and Matt Davis

February 4, 2014, Third All Female Reading
Stepanie Lane Sutton, Rosy Phinick, Janine Phan, Jail Flanagan, Carrie Colpitts, and Jill Howe

January 7, 2014
Kevin Budnik, Jessica Scott, Cassandra Greenwald, Mason Johnson and Jason Fisk. This was the release of Cookie Crumbs zine featuring the cartoons and illustration of Alex Nall.
December 3, 2013
Lee Gaines, Allison Fabian, Shaun Rouser, and Mahjabeen “Magic” Syed.

November 5, 2013
Lex Sonne, Simon Smith, Todd Herskovitz (In the Amiable Silence of the Moon), Michael Bogart and Bobby Biedrzycki (Director of Programming for 2nd Story)

October 1, 2013
Scary Stories to Read at Two Cookie Minimum

Jim Joyce, Hillary Stone and readers from the audience (read post event wrap up here)

Oct 21, 2013 
Two Cookie LA Reading 
hosted by Johnny Misfit and Eryca Sender, with Amber Garza, Brodie Foster Hubbard, and Kelli Callis.

September 3, 2013
Celebrating the book release of Sad Robot Stories by Mason Johnson

Dan Shapiro (host of Dan Shapiro’s Rigged Open Mic), Alex Nall (comics artist), James Tadd Adcox (editor at Artifice books),  Vicky Lim (Abstract Door zine), Jeff Phillips (host of Pungent Parlor reading series).

August 6, 2013
Dave Reidy (Captive Audience), Jeffrey Brown (Darth Vader and Son, Vader’s Little Princess), Patricia McNair (Temple of Air), Paul Durica (Pocket Guide to Hell), Jimmy "Two Hands" Donaldson (Peehole zine)

July 2, 2013
3 Year Anniversary show

Jen Twigg, Thomas Simmons, Nichole Baiel, Eric Bartholomew and the music of Rich Salamander.

June 4, 2013
Chicago Alternative Comics Expo fundraiser 

Nate Beaty, Tony Breed, Max Morris (an organizer for CAKE),  Rebecca Mir, Jonathan Bell Wolfe, and Crass Sophisticate.

May 7, 2013 
Two Cookie Celebrates Columbia College’s Fiction Writing Department

Megan Steilstra (Literary Director of 2nd Story series and Fiction Writing faculty member), Jael Montellano (Fiction Writing alum), Aaron Golding (Fiction Writing faculty member), Jenny Seay (Host of Tamale Hut Reading series and Fiction Writing alum),  Tony Luce (Fiction Writing alum), and Cyn Vargas (2013  Fiction Writing MFA). Plus student winners of our Fiction Writing Department submission contest, Liz Grear (an MFA candidate) and Virginia Baker (BFA undergrad). 
April 2, 2013 
Writers in Teaching

Adam McOmber (The White Forest) teaches English at Columbia, Christine Sneed (Little Known Facts) teaches English at DePaul, Kyle Beachy (The Slide) teaches English at Roosevelt, Dave Roche (If Nothing Else the Sky) teaches who knows what at CPS, Carrie Colpitts (Gender Matters) teaches a class on zines and other stuff at Near North Montessorri, Geoff Hyatt (Birch Hills at World’s End) teachesFiction Writing at Columbia.

March 5, 2013
Second annual Chicago Zine Fest fundraiser
Grant Reynolds (Unholy Oath), Krystal DiFronzo (Black Sheep Coat), Jonas Cannon (Cheer the Eff Up), poet Collin Brennan and Matt Whispers (both reading from their split Continental Interlude), and CZF organizer Jaclyn Miller with new comic work.

Tuesday February 5, 2013 
Second Spectacular All Female Showcase
Jessie Lee Gaylord, Rachel Foss (comic artist, reading from new work!), Benicia Blue, Meghan Mcgrath and Janna Sobel. With music by Dalice Malice (singer/songwriter and writer of Curioddity zine).

Tuesday January 8, 2013 
The Year of the Cookie
Grant Reynolds (comix artist and member of Self Publishers of Chicago), Thomas Simmons (stand-up comedian of sorts), Collin Brennan (poet turned zinester), Daniel Copulsky (publisher of now defunct Concisely zine), Cyn Vargas (Columbia Fiction Writing Grad Student), and Kevin Michael Gunderson (local poet).

Tuesday December 4, 2012 
Last Two Cookie of 2012 
Neil Brideau (comix artist, Oh Boy Comics), Jason Fisk (author of new book Hank and Jules), Lisa Mrock (Columbia College Fiction Writing undergrad), Rosamund Lannin (former editor of Gaper’s Block Book Club), Elizabeth Tieri (editor-in-chief of Back to Print Publishing), and music from Piper Pennigan (singer of The Eternal Flames).

Tuesday November 6, 2012
Vote Two Cookie Minimum

Mason Johnson and Matt Rowen (Both wrote pieces during the reading and read them to close the reading. The audience voted on a winning piece). Other Readers included: Stuart Ross, Patrick Andrews, and Hillary Stone.

Monday October 29, 2012
Dead Zine Reading
Touring self publishers Nate McDonough (Don't Come Back) and Daniel McCloskey (A Film About Billy) join Dead Zinesters Lynne Monsoon (Shit I didn't Tell You), Jamie Sailor, Mairead Case (Fabulous Color) and Ben Spies (No More Coffee).

Tuesday September 4, 2012
Lauryn Allison Lewis (author of Solo/Down), Bobby Evers, Taylor Cowan, Brelyn Gerard, and zinester Nicki Yowell.

Tuesday August 7, 2012
Two Year Anniversary Show
Ben Spies (no more coffee zine), Natalie Edwards, L.B. (truckface zine), and Susie Kirkwood & Jill Summers (shadow show).

Tuesday July 3, 2012
Toucan Cookie Minimum  (support of Toucan Literary Magazine)
Liz Baudler, Greg Baldino, T.W Townsend, and Nikki Dolson. With music by Kat Kidwell.

Tuesday June 5, 2012
Cookies and Cake (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo fundraiser)
Corinne Mucha, Sara Drake, Marian Runk, Ezra Claytan Daneils and Leslie Perrine.

Tuesday May 1, 2012
Industry Night
Rob Duffer (freelance writer for Time Out Chicago, New City, Chicago Reader, the Examiner), Ben Tanzer (founder and spokesperson for This Zine Will Change Your Life inc), Wly Villacres (political correspondent for the Examiner), Sarah Dodson (executive director of MAKE magazine), Daniel Majid (founder and editor of the Logan Square Literary Review), and Naomi Huffman (fiction editor at Newcity).

Tuesday April 3rd,
Team up with P. Fanatics reading series
(at Hungry Brain)
Maggie Ritchie, Laura Szumowski (zoo mouse key press), Dave Snyder, Kieth Rosson (avow zine from Milwaukee), Jill Summers, and Adam Drent.

Sunday April 8, 2012 (Easter)
Team Up with P. Fanatics reading series
(at Cole's Bar)
Lindsey Hunter, Matt Rowan, the father son duo of Fred Sasaki and Fred Sasaki, musical comedy by Rich Salamander, plus the house band Hawaiian Death Folk.

Tuesday March 6, 2012
All Zinester Reading (pregame for the Chicago Zine Fest @ Hungry Brain).
Jonathon Cannon (cheer the eff up), Liz Baudler (the toucan), Nicole Baiel (pieces), Carrie Colpitts (my aim is true), Dave Roche, Eric Bartholomew (junk drawer), and special guest Maranda Elizabeth (telegram) visiting for Chicago Zine Fest from Canada! Hosted by Johnny Misfit.

January 30, 2012
Year One
(@ Hungry Brain)
Larissa Levitan, Carrie Colpitts (my aim is true zine), Tom Lynch, Georgi Johnson (cursive zine), Jim Joyce (or let it sink zine)

November 15th, 2011
Spectacular all Female showcase (@ Hungry Brain)
Curiouser Jane (Apple Pickers Union),Nichole Baiel (Pieces), Emily Witte, Jac Jemc,Liz Mason (Caboose)
Jami Sailor (Your Secretary)

Sept 20th 2011
Two and a Half Cookie Minimum: Two Cookie Minimum and Half Nelson Press (@ Hungry Brain).
Mairead Case (co-conspirator of Dil Pickle Club), Mason Johnson (host of P. Fanatics reading series),
Jon Natzke (co-editor of Half Nelson press), Keith Kappel, and Wyatt Roedger-Robinette, plus host John Wawrzaszek (the Muse, the News, and the Noose zine).

Saturday July 30th 2011 
1 year anniversary show @ Fritz Pastry
Carrie Colpitts (brilliant mistake zine), Cyn Vargas, Erin Nederbo (intern at Reading Under the Influence),
Kevin Kern, Dan Copulsky (editor of Concisely zine), Jill Summers, 
John Wawrzaszek (the Muse, the News, and the Noose zine)

June 7th 2011
@ the Hungry Brain (new venue, free cookies)
Ben Spies (No More Coffee zine),Dave Snyder (Poet/Columbia College faculty),Georgi Johnston (Things Things Think About zine),Behnam Riahi (co-founder of Brinksman Press/Publicist for Criminal Class Press),
Chris Terry (host of Neutron Bomb reading series),Dave Roche (My Disappearance zine),
John Wawrzaszek (the Muse, the News, and the Noose zine)

February 26th 2011 
Chicago Zine Fest fundraiser (@ Fritz Pastry)
Jen Twigg (ambular zine), John Wawrzaszek (the muse the news and the noose zine),
Eric Bartholomew (junk drawer zine), Jim Joyce (or let is sink zine), Mark Novotony (the fury), Justin Bostain (Friction), Xavier Maldonado (explorers are we)

November 27th 2010 (@ Fritz Pastry)
Fiction Writers Reading (Students from Columbia college)
Jenelle Andersen, Ben Kumming, Lauryn Allison Lewis, Frank Migacz, Katie Kirk (glass sea), Liz Baudler (the toucan), John Wawrzaszek

July 31st 2010 (@ Fritz Pastry)
Julie Borcherts, Tom Lynch, Lara Levitan, Leslie Perrine (mini comics), Matt Whispers (effigy), Samantha Uliano, Bradley Adita (A day in the air), John Wawrzaszek

Flyer by Sage Coffey
flyer by Carrie Colpitts

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