Monday, March 19, 2012

Two Cookie and P. Fanatics Team Up!

April is bringing a classic style team up to Two Cookie (think Marvel, think Punisher and Spider man and Wolverine, which is 3 but thats a killer team up). My friend Mason at P Fanactics presented this idea a while back and after hosting Karaoke with him, I felt a bond that we needed to explore further.

So April 3rd, Two Cookie Minimum will return to the Hungry Brain 2319 W Belmont with our typical mix of zinesters and emerging writers. The cast will include: Maggie Ritchie, Laura Szumowski (zoo mouse key press), Dave Snyder, Kieth Rosson (avow zine from Milwaukee), Jill Summers, and Adam Drent.

On April 8th, P Fanatics takes over its home at Cole's Bar 2338 N. Milwaukee with an all around entertainment extravaganza. The lineup includes Lindsey Hunter, Matt Rowan, the father son duo of Fred Sasaki and Fred Sasaki, musical comedy by Rich Salamander, plus the house band Hawaiian Death Folk.

Both events will be hosted by Mason Johnson and Johnny Misfit. Plus each reading will feature the irreverent Dan Shapiro kicking things off.

We are also working on making some zines to commemorate the occasion. One will be available at each reading, so collect both.

This will go well, we promise. If not, there will be free cookies.

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