Thursday, July 13, 2017

Seven Years is in Seven Days

Think of the movie the Ring. Seven Days. As In seven days you can join us at the Hungry Brain to celebrate TCM's anniversay. Here's a quick look back for the archives of my bad memories. 

In April 2012, more than 5 years ago, I invited then Milwuakee resident Keith Rosson to read at the series (here was that reading info). I remeber meeting him at the Minneapolis Zine Fest and thinking this guys funny, but why's he drinking one pint of water to ever beer? 

Fast forward, he agrees to take the Amtrak to Chicago to read. I knew he was an old school zinester and that was it. He gets to the bar, basically shit talking it and the reading etc. Maybe this because I am relentless about ribbing him for living in Milwaukee or something about how he ended up there. I used to live in Roscoe Village in walking distance to the Hungry Brain, so I offed him a place to crash. Drunk and not feeling hot, I think I made the regrettable choice to go to Tonys Tex Mex on Damen/Belmont for after hours eats. We get back to the apartment. My then wife who also read is like, fuck this I'm going to bed. My then roomate is like, hey do you want to smoke weed, something he could never get me to do. All we had was red wine in the house. I cap the night off with a puke session in my bathroom. It never failed that when I had visitors from Milwaukee that I also took to Tonys for Tex Mex, I always ended up vomiting. History repeating. 

Long story, Keith was a good sport. I'm proud to have booked him. Glad he's a published author with another book on the way. And stoked that Two Cookie has continued to let me make bad mistakes. 

See you Wednesday.

johnny misfit

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