Friday, May 22, 2015

Alex Nall does it again: The first full Two Cookie Comic Strip

Cartoonist Alex Nall has been a regular at Two Cookie for the past few years. We welcomed him when he moved to Chicago and gave him room to grow be it reading on stage or supporting his drawings of our readers each month. He writes for Chicago Literati and they have published his first Two Cookie comic strip.

Alex will be working on a commemorative comic, a follow up to his release last year of Cookie Crumbs, which will be full of his drawings and stories. Look for it at our July Two Cookie 5 year anniversary. 

Two Cookie Minimum Returns!
Its true, there is no drinking at the Comfort Station. Also, my mustache does not have a name.
Two Cookie Minimum Returns! 2
Two Cookie Minimum Returns! 4
 Its true, I did wear a Bulls shirt and I did have fun. Thanks Alex.

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