Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Cookie Minimum

The first Two Cookie Minimum at the Comfort Station is in the books. Upon entering our new space, one could be taken aback by the history of the space as well as the artwork that included patches of sod all over the floor. A plate of cookies and many smiling faces provided the old Two Cookie familiarity.

The reading on Tuesday, May 12th was the first reading in five and a half months. That is a long time and there was concern that people would have forgotten about the series or interest would wain. But we have some great fans and apparently offer a good time for attendees and readers alike. The first reading of our summer stint at Comfort Station was a packed house.
We had many returning regulars, new readers and guests, plus some foot traffic from the neighborhood. This was more than could be expected and Two Cookie is very thankful for the support.

We had 4 great readers of varying styles and topics, the typical lineup you'd get at a Two Cookie. There was a personal essay from Gina Marie LoBianco about getting prepared for her wedding, some creative nonfiction from Andrew Edwards about dressing up like Mario for a Nintendo promotion, person illustrations about family and ghosts from Laura Grothaus and a fiction story in 8 parts by Jillian Schumann.

Our resident cartoonist and documenteur Alex Nall had his notebook out easily capturing all the nuances and readers as he has done for the past 2 years. His work will find a home at Chicago Literati (we'll post those as soon as they are up).

This reading was a perfect gauge for what to expect this summer at Two Cookie. Stop by each month for a packed crowd (make sure to get there early for a seat).  Get turned on to some new authors, graphic artists, performers and self-publishers. Enjoy the history of Comfort Station and its patch of outdoor space in the middle of Logan Square. And as always, cookies cookies and more cookies.

Gina LoBianco and Laura Grathaus at May's Two Cookie

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