Monday, July 14, 2014

Two Cookie Mimimum Anniversary Messages (part 1)

Earlier this month Two Cookie Minimum celebrated a 4 Year Anniversary. It was a great time with a lot going on.

Here's a brief recap:
Shadow Puppet Show; Fictional story about Aliens in Rehab; Comic about love, family and picking Blackberries; A live Junk Drawer Game Show (along with prizes!); Comic about the funny side of being a parent; plus 2 large homemade cookies (like those cookie cakes you can get at the Jewels).

On top of all that, I handed out small slips of paper that asked attendees and readers the question:
When I think of Two Cookie Minimum...

There are about a dozen replies that range from comics, to thoughts, to one-liners. Each weekday starting today until the next month's reading (which is on Tuesday August 5) I will post one on here. This was to be anonymous, but some where signed and others I stylistically knew who wrote them. If you wrote one and want credit for your contribution, send me an email (, subject Credit is Due).

To start, here is a comical message I think sums up the series well.

                                         We've got cookies + a hungry brain. Makes sense to me.

The message is a special one, for it comes from Leslie Perrine, a comics artist and children's book writer who read at the first Two Cookie reading back in 2010. Leslie has read at more of our readings, been in attendance many times, and now leaves this nice message.

So there's 15 more of these to come. Hope you enjoy them. Be in touch if you have a message of your own that you're dying to share. Thanks again to all those who have supported the series over the last 4 years. Here's to another one.
Johnny Misfit

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