Friday, July 25, 2014

Two Cookie Minimum Anniversary Messages (part 10)

I'll end this week, self indulgently with the 10th Two Cookie Minimum Anniversary Messages. This one mentions yours truly's hosting duties.
Its true, I am very awkward as a host. I can't help it. Sometimes I ad lib a bio, other times I try to crack a joke (to no applause). Every so often I do pull out something good as an intro to the night, when congratulating a reader, or when closing the show. Maybe I set the stage with my nonsense. Maybe that eases the tension and allows the readers to take over, aka the real entertainment and why we are all there. To showcase the great work others is why I do this. On a somewhat related note, I always try to give each reader a high five as they leave the stage. Its my way of saying, great job, thanks for humoring me and sorry for having to put up with my lame jokes. I think they appreciate it. And it also helps that I bring cookies. 

This closes out the 2nd full week of posts. Check back next week as we count down the last 6 posts and lead up to the August 5th reading. There's some good ones in the queue. Until then, have a good weekend. 

Johnny Misfit

What the meaning of all this? During July's Two Cookie Minimum reading, which was the series' 4 year anniversary, attendees and readers were given the prompt, "When I think of Two Cookie Minimum..." These are those responses.

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