Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two Cookie Minimum Anniversary Messages (part 12)

Today is Part 12 in the series of Two Cookie Minimum Maximum Minimum Anniversary Messages. This message comes from comics artist Jen Rickert. I think this was her first time to the reading series and as you can see from her wonderful work, I hope to she comes out to read one of these days.

What's great about this piece is well, look at all the stuff going on. Jen took elements from each reader on our July anniversary show and incorporated parts of their performance into this collage: see vivian the alien from Kevin Kern's story, a visual of Leslie Perrine, Eric Barholomew's treasure chest of sorts during his Junk Drawer Game Show and a quote from Keiler Roberts comic "Assplesauce". She even included the cookie cakes made for the event!

There's only 4 more messages left to post, so make sure you come back this week. 

Johnny Misfit

What the meaning of all this? During July's Two Cookie Minimum reading, which was the series' 4 year anniversary, attendees and readers were given the prompt, "When I think of Two Cookie Minimum..." These are those responses.

P.S. My fav parts of this illustration collage are my likeness in cartoon form advocating 'share the greatness' (I don't get a cartoon drawn of me all the time, so back off) and how she notes CHIPRC, a workspace I run that programs visual art and literary events.

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