Monday, July 21, 2014

Two Cookie Minimum Anniversary Messages (part 6)

Week 2 of this series of Two Cookie Minimum Anniversary Messages brings the 6th installment. They've all been great haven't they? This one comes from regular patron, past reader, and talented cartoonist Alex Nall. As soon as Alex began coming to the series, his penchant for drawing came to the forefront of our conversations. Each Two Cookie reading he attends, Alex makes sure to draw cartoons, images, caricatures and and doodles of the goings-on that night. We've worked together to put out a collection of his work, Cookie Crumbs, which we handed out at the January 2014 reading. I want to thank Alex for all his contributions and in making Two Cookie visually appealing to all. 

                                        You'll notice, the couch is from the stage at the Hungry Brain.

If you didn't laugh at Alex drawing a nude photo of me, then not sure what will make you.
Check back in this week for more of these.

Johnny Misfit

What the meaning of all this? During July's Two Cookie Minimum reading, which was the series' 4 year anniversary, attendees and readers were given the prompt, "When I think of Two Cookie Minimum..." These are those responses.

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