Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Two Cookie Minimum Anniversary Messages (part 8)

Today brings Part 8 in the series of Two Cookie Minimum Anniversary Messages. These submissions are from multiple anonymous artists. 

Lately at readings, I've notice a new phenomenon, what I will call right now "the big table."This is when a group of people annex more than one table into, well, a big table. This has been more predominant as this year goes on. Its great when more people come out and form a little community, be it to support their friend reading or to simply have a good night out and enjoy the entertainment.

These submission below are a testament of that. They includes a few drawings, likely inspired from conversations shared among each other. Its also really cool to see the amount of artists that come out and draw at the series. I'm glad the night provides a welcome environment for creativity.

                                                   Robots, bald spots and butt tattoos.

Keep coming back from more. I'll post something daily until August 5th.  Keep enjoying them.

Johnny Misfit

What the meaning of all this? During July's Two Cookie Minimum reading, which was the series' 4 year anniversary, attendees and readers were given the prompt, "When I think of Two Cookie Minimum..." These are those responses.

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