Monday, July 28, 2014

Two Cookie Minimum Anniversary Messages (part 11)

This is the final full week of posts in the series of Two Cookie Minimum Anniversary Messages. The 11th post comes from Sarah W, my sister. She comes out all the time to support the series, not out of obligation, but because she enjoys the variety of readers booked each month. The biggest contribution she provides is in her homemade cookies (and if needed, cakes or cookie cakes). She's made a variety of vegan delights from sugar cookies to chocolate chip cookies. She's made cookies in various shapes, such as CZF commemorating the Chicago Zine Fest or an actual cake for our CAKE readings.  And last month's anniversary reading, she made 2 huge cake sizes cookies. Sarah, thanks so much for your baking skillz!
                                   Two Cookie Minimum wouldn't be the same without her love and support.

As I said, this is the final full week of messages. So stay tuned for the final few. And go back to read ones you've missed. Enjoy 'em all.

Johnny Misfit

What the meaning of all this? During July's Two Cookie Minimum reading, which was the series' 4 year anniversary, attendees and readers were given the prompt, "When I think of Two Cookie Minimum..." These are those responses.

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